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Counselors are available to provide school counseling services to all LCC students. We encourage students to come in to ask questions, seek information and get to know the counselors.  Please follow the processes outlined below to contact LCC counselors.

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  • For issues related to GRADUATION or APPLYING TO COLLEGE (such as class schedule, credits, requirements), students and parents need to work with the alpha-assigned counselor.
  • For any SOCIAL OR EMOTIONAL ISSUES during the school day, students may talk to whichever counselor is available.

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In order to best meet the needs of our students and avoid missed instruction or marked absences, please use the following procedures to see your counselor:
  • Quick Questions: Walk in to Counseling Office at break, during lunch, or after school (no appointment is necessary). This method is best if a student has a concern or question that can be addressed quickly.  To maintain counselor availability for students during this time, we ask that parents follow the steps below in the parent section.
  • Make an appointment: Fill out a "call slip" (available in the Counseling Office from the Counseling Secretary). If a student needs more than just a few minutes to discuss a question or concern, please stop in at the above mentioned times to make an appointment with a counselor by visiting the counseling secretary. Your counselor will call you from the class for your appointment time (with teacher permission).  It is important to remember to choose your appointment time wisely, because you will be responsible for instruction or assignments missed.
  • For an urgent matter which requires immediate attention and cannot be addressed through the other methods, a student may come in to Counseling any time.  This method is only for students who have a concern that needs urgent attention. The student should report to the Counseling secretary, who will assess the situation and contact a counselor.  If possible, please check in with your teacher first and ask to go to Counseling.   

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  • If you have a question or concern about your student's current grade, or the content or procedures in a class, please contact the teacher directly using the Staff Directory.   You can use Aeries  to monitor your student's academic progress and attendance.
  • If you have a general counseling question, many answers can be found using this Counseling website and Alphabetical Counseling Index. If you need further assistance with a general counseling question, please call 436-6136 to speak with the Counseling Secretary.
  • To schedule an appointment with your student's counselor, please call 436-6136 and speak with the Counseling Secretary.
  • To leave a phone message or send an email to your student's counselor please see the contact information below:


The Counseling Office is located in the Administration Building, located at the front of the school.
Counseling office hours are 7:00 am - 3:30 pm on regular school days.  
Please call to confirm office hours during non-student days.
Danielle Martinez    Student Last Names: A, F, L-N   Ext. 6015
Melissa Hernandez-Cyr    Student Last Names: B, O-Si, English Learners    Ext. 6017
Lori Musel      Student Last Names: C, D, Sj-Z   Ext. 6023
Randa Fast-Medley    Student Last Names: E, G-K, AVID     Ext. 6048 
Judith Mendez   Counseling Secretary   Ext. 6012