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La Costa Canyon High School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
Class of 2024 Info
Class of 2024 Info

La Costa Canyon Attendance Policy



Attendance Office email:

Attendance Office Message Line: 760-436-6136 ext. 6008 (available 24/7)

Office Hours:  7:00am – 3:00pm


All absences and tardies must be reported by the student’s parent or legal guardian within 48 hours or two school days. The email must be sent from the parent's email address on Aeries or the parent can call the Attendance Office Message Line at ext. 6008 and leave a message. To leave a message in Spanish, dial ext. 6010.


Attendance and Tardy Procedures

Attendance and Tardy Procedures

To report or clear an absence or tardy for your student, please email or call the Attendance Office Message Line at 760-436-6136 ext. 6008 and press 1.  Parent’s written notes are NOT accepted.  Please state your student’s full name and the spelling of the last name, student ID number, the date and time of their absence and the specific reason for the absence.  If no reason is stated, the absence will be unexcused.

  • Absences and tardies must be reported or cleared within 48 hours either by email or phone message (no hand written notes, please), otherwise it is considered a truancy.
  • If your student was marked absent by mistake, have your student contact their teacher to email the Attendance office with the correction. Your student is responsible for clearing these absences. Do not leave a message for this reason.
  • Students, who arrive more than 30 minutes late to school must check in at the Attendance Office upon arrival so the correct codes are entered into the computer attendance system. Arriving more than 30 minutes late without an email, note or phone call excusing the tardy is considered a truancy.
  • Unverified absences result in a student being marked truant from school, and could result in a possible loss of the opportunity to make up missed work or tests and/or a referral to the SART/SARB process.  
  • EXCUSED ABSENCES are illness, medical appointment, observance of religious holidays, bereavement, and court appearance per the California Educational Code.
  • UNEXCUSED ABSENCES include vacation, college visits, over-sleeping, car trouble, DMV appointment, out of town visitors, weddings, missed the bus, personal/business reasons, out of gas, traffic and traffic citations.
  • Students returning from extended absences due to ILLNESS or INJURY will be required to submit documentation according to the District’s Health Office Guidelines.
  • Medical documentation is required for any absence due to illness that extends 5 consecutive school days or more; documentation must be provided before the absence will be cleared. 
JUNIORS & SENIORS: College Visits & Absence Approval

Are you planning to visit a college, and you will miss a day of school?  Effective now, junior and senior students are eligible for up to 3 days of excused absence (per year) for off-campus college visits, if students complete our new district process for pre-approving the absence.  Students will need to:Print the SDUHSD College Visit Permission Form and complete the top information -- include date(s) of the visit and college names(s)
1. Obtain teacher signatures from all periods, including Homeroom
2. Obtain a parent signature
3. Bring your permission slip to the Assistant Principal’s office for review within one week of the scheduled absence
4. If approved, bring completed permission slip to the Attendance Office
5. Upon return, provide Attendance Office with proof of visit (brochure, photo, etc.)

A link to the College Visit Permission Slip will also be available on our LCC Counseling Website.  Our district is excited to provide this opportunity for excused absences for college visits, in support of our students.  If you have any questions regarding this pre-approval process, please contact the Assistant Principals office at 760-436-6136 ext. 6005 or 6006.
A campus
Off Campus Pass Procedures

Off Campus Pass Procedures

All students must have an Off Campus Pass (obtained from the Attendance Office) to leave campus during school hours; this includes not returning to campus after lunch.  Students who leave campus without a paper or digital Off Campus Pass will be marked truant, even if their parent has given them verbal permission to leave.

Off-Campus Passes can be requested via email, written, signed note, or by calling the Attendance Office Message Line 24 hours in advance at

760-436-6136 ext. 6008 and press 2

  • Include the student’s full name, ID number, the date and time of the pass, whether or not the student will be returning to school, and the specific reason for the pass.
  • You must give a specific release time.  Do not use period numbers or “lunch."
  • Students may bring a written note to the Attendance Office before school, at break or at lunch to obtain their Off-Campus Pass.
  • Passes will not be delivered to the classroom; they will be sent digitally to the student's school email address. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the pass before school, during break, or lunch if they need a paper pass.  
  • Students must show their Off Campus Pass to the teacher before being released from class. Please do not expect your student to receive a pass during class as many will not have access to their phones during class time.


If a student becomes ill or is injured at school, the student should ask their teacher for a pass to the Health Office.  All students are released through the Health Office, not the Attendance Office. When they arrive at the Health Office, the Health Tech will contact their parent to either pick up the student or give permission for the student to drive home.

  • All students leaving campus early must check out with either the Attendance Office or the Health Office or they will be marked truant.
  • Students cannot be excused after leaving early without a pass in hand.
  • Parents will receive an automated telephone call and email if their student was marked absent or tardy in one or more class.