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La Costa Canyon High School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Student Technology Plan
Student Technology Plan

Student Technology Plan

In an effort to provide technological access and educational resources to every student, La Costa Canyon High School permits personally-owned technology (cell phones, notebooks, handheld devices, etc.) on school property for academic purposes only.  All students MUST adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) (signed at the beginning of the school year).  Failure to abide by the AUP and/or misuse of electronic devices may result in confiscation (returned only to a parent) and/or progressive disciplinary action which may include suspension or loss of this privilege.  As technology is constantly changing,  Administration reserves the right to alter or modify the Student Technology Plan.  Students and parents will be adequately notified of any changes, additions, or modifications as they occur.  
Personal Property:  Students are responsible for their possessions at all times.  In addition, students should label all electronic items.  The San Dieguito Union High School District  (SDUHSD) assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for lost or stolen electronic devices.
Cell Phones/Personal Hand-Held Devices: Unless otherwise directed by a staff member (for a lesson), cell phones/personal hand-held devices should be turned off and out of sight during class/instructional time.  Cell phones/personal hand-held devices may be used before school, after school, and at lunch. Cell phone/personal hand-held device usage in a classroom is strictly guided by each teacher in their respective class for instructional use only.  Unauthorized cell phone/personal hand-held device photos or video is prohibited at school and subject to progressive disciplinary action.  Students are accountable for the content and usage of their cell phone/personal hand-held devices (including all documents, images, videos, etc).  Confiscation of cell phones/personal hand-held devices are rule infractions including all accessories in and around the phone.