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SDUHSD and LCC are committed to supporting student personal health, safety, and well-being. If your child needs assistance, LCC has trained professional staff members, including school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, teachers and administrators who are available to support students during the school day. For more information please click HERE. Thank you to the SDUHSD and the LCC Foundation for the generous support to make these events possible. 

Upcoming Parent Workshops - Save the Date

Parent speaker series will cover academic, social, and emotional well-being for students at LCC. 
Please join us for a presentation by Stan Collins on the topic of how to talk with your child, increasing connectedness, awareness and self-harm and suicide prevention.This night will provide our parent community with a toolkit of prescriptive tips on how to help and support your child socially and emotionally on a daily basis. Stan Collins is a Suicide Prevention Specialist at the San Diego County Suicide Prevention Council and has worked in the suicide prevention field for over 19 years. He has presented and provided training to over 650,000 adults and youth including educators, parents, medical professionals, military personnel, and law enforcement on the subject of suicide prevention. 

Josh Ochs trains students how to shine online using social media. Josh Ochs is the author of the book "Light, Bright And Polite" and he travels the country training 30,000 Teens and Tweens each year. Josh shows students how to use social media to create a portfolio of accomplishments that impress colleges and employers. He also speaks to thousands of parents each year to bring them up to speed on how they can have a dialog with their kids about social media safety. Click HERE to RSVP

Tyler’s presentation, "Bite Sized Wisdom for Parents - Parenting a Teenager," will be covering overall student wellness and relevant issues for parents of current students.  This night will provide our parent community with practical tips on how to help your child socially and emotionally to live well balanced lives.

Additional Resources