Teen Safety--Social Hosting

Keep Our Teens Safe: Know the Law about Social Hosting

The logic seems simple: if our kids are going to engage in the use of alcohol, isn't it safer if they stay home?  The logic, however, equates to unintended consequences and, more importantly, is illegal.  We in the school community often hear about the effects of what is considered "Social Hosting:"

  • Parents can be fined and held fiscally liable for damages, injuries, and municipal recovery costs. 
  • Students learn of socially hosted parties and share their locations on social. networking apps, such as Instagram, Yik-Yak, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Students construe a socially hosted party to mean that the parent(s) condone the use of drugs or alcohol.
Parents can stay educated about the local ordinances and limit their liability.  Follow the links below to important information about Social Hosting Ordinances in both Encinitas and Carlsbad.
Special thanks to the San Dieguito Alliance and to the Alcohol Policy Panel of San Diego County for their partnership and with La Costa Canyon High School and our shared interest for student safety.