CAASPP (State Testing)

CA Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) 

(CAST) CA Science Test

April 2-4th CAST (11th/12th Science)

April 16-19th & 29th (11th grade English)

April 22-26th (11th grade Math)

All 11th grade students will take the Math, English and Science CAASPP test and all 12th grade students will take the Science CAST test. For details about the test and schedule, please view the parent letters below. LCC will operate on a regular bell schedule and CAASPP tests will be given in each student's regular math, English and science classes.
Date                          (Block) Periods
Tuesday, April 2nd          (D) 2,4,6,7
CAST Sci 11th & 12th Grade
Wednesday, April 3rd     (C) 1,3,5
CAST Sci 11th & 12th Grade
Thursday, April 4th         (C) 2,4,6
CAST Sci 11th & 12th Grade
Tuesday, April 16th         (C) 1,3,5
English CAT*
Wednesday, April 17th   (C) 2,4,6
English CAT*
Thursday, April 18th        (B) 1,3,5,7
English PT**
Friday, April 19th            (B) 2,4,6,7
English PT**
Monday, April 22nd         (C) 1,3,5
Math CAT*
Tuesday, April 23rd          (C) 2,4,6
Math CAT*
Wednesday, April 24th     (B) 1,3,5,7
Math PT**
Thursday, April 25th        (B) 2,4,6,7
Math PT**
Friday, April 26th             (D) 1,3,5,7
Math CAT *
Monday, April 29th          (D) 2,4,6,7
English CAT*
CAT: Computer Adaptive Testing
PT: Performance Task 
  • Makeups are needed for all CAASPP and CAST tests
  • Students needing extra time to finish will finish in 820/821
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own headphones that connect to an audio jack
  • Click HERE for Frequently asked Questions and Answers about State Testing
  • Any student without a science class will receive a call slip during April to test.
  • Click HERE for the Parent/Guardian Notification Letter. Click HERE for Spanish. 
  • Click HERE for a short video clip about testing from our Assistant Principal, Dr. Meadows
  • Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities take an Alternative Version of this test