CAASPP (State Testing)

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CA Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)

Testing Schedule, April 24- April 27, 2018


Testing is from 8:46 AM – 11:06 AM each day



Tuesday, April 24

CAT* English (11th grade)

Wednesday, April 25

PT** English (11th grade )

Thursday, April 26

CAT* Mathematics (11th grade)

Friday, April 27

PT** Math (11th grade)

CAST 4/24 Tuesday-4/27 Friday

CAST -CA Science Test (12th grade)

Mon-Fri, April 30-May 4

Make-Ups (Lab 820)

*CAT: Computer Adaptive Testing

**PT: Performance Task

Testing Bell Schedule

Period 1/2

7:40 AM - 8:31AM

51 minutes


8:31 AM - 8:41AM

10 minutes

Testing Period/Activities thru Periods 3/4

8:46AM – 11:06AM

140 minutes

Period 3/4

11:13 AM – 12:04 PM

51 minutes


12:04 PM – 12:39 PM

35 minutes

Period 5/6

12:46 PM – 1:37 PM

51 minutes

Period 7

1:44 PM – 2:35 PM

51 minutes

All 11th grade students will take the Math and English CAASPP test (4 days) and all 12th grade students will take the Science CAST test in (1 day). For details about the test and schedule, please view the parent letters below. All 9th, 10th, and 12th grade students will participate in guest speakers and activities during the testing period also.
Parent information letter for CAASPP and CAST
 Students are encouraged to bring headphones/earbuds, but it is not required. LCC has headphones to use

Early Assessment Program

Reminder for grade eleven students: Under the Early Assessment Program (EAP) of the California State University (CSU), student results from the grade eleven Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments are used to determine student readiness for college-level coursework in English and mathematics. To automatically release their scores to CSU campuses and participating California community colleges, grade eleven students should select the “release” button at the end of each CAASPP test (i.e., for both the ELA and mathematics assessments).